Beyond Beer Money  gives 20somethings the tools to pursue careers they’re passionate about (rather than those that simply pay the bills) and still be financially independent (and even wealthy!) simply by making smart financial choices while we still have time on our side

As a senior at Brown University, I see too many of my friends giving up (“postponing”) their dreams to chase high paying jobs due to worries about financial security. It seems counterproductive to me to throw away my time in pursuit of the resources to pursue my dreams. Thus, Beyond Beer Money was born.

Unlike a traditional blog focused on sending out a steady stream of posts, our goal is to build a searchable database of the best information on personal finance for folks in their 20s.

  • Investing, debt, saving, budgeting, taxes, retirement, insurance buying a 1st home? Got it.
  • Actionable advice, “Top 10” lists in important financial categories, summaries of the best books out  there, expert interviews, and links to great resources? Look no further.

So whether you’re excited about designing eco-friendly infrastructure in African villages or choosing the color scheme for the bar in your first private jet, you’ll find something here to help you get where you want to go.

By scouring top blogs, books, and conferences for the most relevant and innovative financial tips for people in their 20s, Beyond Beer Money takes the hard work out of managing finances so that you have the time and money to do…….whatever the heck it is that you do.



P.S.   Questions? Suggestions for a  future post?  Comments?

Shoot me an email at beermoney.mail@gmail.com.


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