• Your Money or Your Life – Dominguez & Robin. A classic that presents a holistic view of money focusing on simplicity. Great ideas such include how to figure out your real hourly wage (including travel time, miscellaneous expenses- warning: it can be really horrifying). Time is money.
  • Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J. Stanley.  A fascinating study of millionaires and how they earn and spend their money (How much do they spend on suits?  What cars do they buy?). Shatters the myth of millionaire wallpapering their bathrooms with $100 bills by demonstrating they get rich the same way everyone else does – hard work,  understanding their finances, saving, and a little luck.
  • A Million Bucks by Thirty – Alan Corey. Funny (how many personal finance books can you say that about?).  Although Corey’s millions are the result of smart (and somewhat lucky) real estate decisions,  the advice he presents on saving and making smart money choices are timeless. Also, any man who starts out  eating nothing but Ramen for an extended period of time and living in the Spanish Harlem  and ends up a millionaire is doing something right.
  • Millionaire by Thirty – Douglas Andrew. Includes fairly  unconventional advice about buying a home early with no down payment and investing in life insurance to build assets tax free.  Interesting book written by 2 brothers that built net worths over $1.5 million before their 30th birthday.
  • Get Rich Slowly: Easily one of the most popular personal finance  blogs out there, “Get Rich Slowly— recently named most inspiring money blog by Money magazine — is devoted to sensible personal finance. I share stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. I also post occasional reviews of books, magazines, and software. And, of course, I scour the web for the latest personal finance tools and articles.”
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Focuses on personal finance and personal entrepreneurship. Good emphasis on both spending less money and earning more.
  • Money Under 30: “Money Under 30 provides weekly financial advice articles for twentysomethings. The blog features a mix of articles on budgeting and money management, saving and investing, using credit wisely and getting out of debt. The site also covers career issues and offers advice for young entrepreneurs.”
  • Poorer Than You:“Poorer Than You is a personal finance blog for college students and twenty-somethings. Topics include credit cards, savings, budgeting, earning more money, evaluating job offers… from big financial decisions down to small ones, from the latest news to time-tested advice.”
  • Young Professional Finance Blog: Great variety of posts on entrepreneurship, career advice, and financial independence written in a very accessible way. Also check out the author’s other site for a compilation of money, career, and personal advice for young professionals.
  • Bargaineering: Written by a recent college graduate, Bargaineering offers everything from dumpster diving stories to salary comparisons between public and private college grads.

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